Coming in 2016

Can a woman be too far gone for God’s grace? In this contemporary fiction, orphaned twenty-one year old Ashlyn Renecker desires love and acceptance but trusts no one. When her abusive ex-boyfriend kills the father of her unborn child, she succumbs to the fear of raising a child alone, chooses to abort, and flees her small town to hide among the anonymity of Chicago. But unexpected and interesting relationships flourish in the city with the most unlikely of people, including Jace who challenges her to be vulnerable and trust in someone, something other than herself.

Her safety is shattered when a stranger appears searching for answers to her past. With new strength and confidence, she returns home to account for her choices and mend relationships. Facing her mother, forgiving her abuser, and overcoming the nightmares that taunt her show her God’s grace was there all along. She just didn’t know it. 

Frasier Award Bronz KP

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